London was by far the biggest of the Assay offices. Most Antique Georgian silver sugar tongs (approximately 87% of my collection) were assayed in London and so the list of makers is very long.

This means that just by specialising in collecting London made tongs, the full range can be collected. If you decide to collect London made tongs, you can narrow your range down through a variety of methods, (such as collecting particular date ranges, styles or makers or groups of makers). There are also some very rare London makers, so just choosing London work does not mean they are "common".

There are a few makers that specialised in "flatware" or sugar tongs in particular. There are also some shops that were simply prolific in making all kinds of silver. The most well known of these are the Batemans. You can see work by all of the Bateman family on this web-site. This is certainly a good suggestion for a collection and there are probably many collectors who specialise in Bateman work, (not just sugar tongs).

Click below for a complete set of London hallmarks from c1780 to 1820. This list can be downloaded to your own computer if you wish.

London Hallmarks list - in simple form

Click below for a much more complete list of hallmarks. This document contains hundreds of pictures, from every year from c1760 through to the 1820's.

London Hallmarks from c1760 to May 28th 1791 V3.0

London Tongs Hallmarks from May 1791 to May 1800.pdf

London Tongs Hallmarks from May 1800 to May 1810.pdf

AB - Alexander Barnet
ABS - Adey Bellamy Savory
AB GB - Alice & George Burrows
AP - Abraham Peterson
BB - Benjamin Bickerton
BM - Benjamin Mountigue
BW - Benjamin Wilson
CB TB - Christopher Barker & Thomas Wilkes Barker
CH - Charles Hougham
CN DM - Charles Neale & Daniel May
DB - Daniel Bates
DU NH - Duncan Urquhart & Napthali Hart
DWI - William & John Deane
EF - Edward Fairbrother
EH - Edward Hatton
EL - Edward Lees
ET - Elizabeth Taylor
FS - Frances Stamp
GB - George Brasier
GB - George Burrows I
GC - George Collins
GD - George Day
GG - George Gray
GN - George Nangle
GS - George Smith II
GS - George Smith III
GS - George Smith IV
GS TH - George Smith & Thomas Hayter
GS WF - George Smith & William Fearn
GW - George Wintle
GW - Gabriel Wirgman
HB - Hester Bateman
HC - Henry Chawner
HH - Henry Hall
HH - Henry Nutting
IA - Joseph Ash I
IB - John Bourne
IB - John Blake
IB - John Baker II
IB - James Bult
IB IB - John Beedall & John Bennett
IB TM - John Bourne & Thomas Moore III
IC - Joshua Cooper
ICP - John Cook Pettit
ID - James Darquits jnr
ID - John Death
IE - John Edwards III
IF - John Fisher
IF - John Foster II
IF - John Faux
IF GL - John Faux & George Love
IF IW - John Ford & John Williams - Bath
IG - John Girdler
IG - John Gurney
IH - John Hawkins
IH - Jonathan Hayne
IH - James Harmar?
II IC - John Jones & John Chadwick
IK - John Kohler I
IL - John Lambe
IL - Joseph Lewis
IL - John Lias
IL - John Lampfert
IL HL - John & Henry Lias
IL HL CL - John, Henry & Charles Lias
IMF - John McFerlan
IN - John Nixon
IP - James Plumpton
IP - John Priestman
IP GP - Josiah & George Piercy
IP IP - Jonathan & Jonathan Perkins
IS - Joseph Savory I
IS - Joseph Scammell
IS - Joseph Steward II
IS - John Steward
IS - James Stamp?
IS IB - James Sutton & James Bult
IT - John Tweedie
IT - James Tookey
IW - John Warren
JB - James Beebe
JP - Jonathan Perkins I
JS - Josiah Snatt
JS - John Scofield
JW - James Wintle
MA - Miles Askew
MS - Mary Sumner
MS ES - Mary Eliza Sumner
MW WB - Mary Whitford & William Ballantine
NH - Napthali Hart
PB - Philip Batchelor
PB AB - Peter & Ann Bateman
PB AB WB - Peter, Ann & William Bateman
PB IB - Peter & Jonathan Bateman
PB WB - Peter & William Bateman
PD - Phineas Daniel of Bristol
RB - Richard Britton
RC - Richard Crossley
RC - Randall Chatterton
RC GS - Richard Crossley & George Smith IV
RD - Richard Devonshire
RE - Richard Evans of Shrewsbury
RM - Richard Mills
RP - Robert Peppin
RR - Robert Rutland
RR - Richard Redrick
RT - Richard Turner
RT JS - Richard Turner & John Shea
SA - Stephen Adams I
SA - Stephen Adams II
SB - Susanna Barker
SB IB - Sarah & John William Blake
SC - Simeon Coley I
SG - Samuel Godbehere
SG EW - Samuel Godbehere & Edward Wigan
SG EW IB - Samuel Godbehere, Edward Wigan & James Bult
SH - Solomon Hougham
SH SR IED - Solomon Hougham, Solomon Royes & John East Dix
SM - Samuel Marshall
SM - Samuel Meriton II
SP - Sarah Purver
SR - Solomon Royes
SR IED - Solomon Royes & John East Dix
SW - Samuel Whitford I
SW - Samuel Wintle
TB - Thomas Barker
TB - Thomas Burrough - Devizes
TC - Thomas Chawner
TC WC - Thomas & William Chawner
TD - Thomas Dicks
TE - Thomas Evans
TE IL - Thomas Evans & Jacob Levi
TF - Thomas Freeth
TH - Thomas Hayter
TH - Thomas Harper I
TH - Thomas Heming
TH GH - Thomas & George Hayter
TH RM - Thomas Hannam & Richard Mills
TJ - Thomas James
TK - Thomas Kirkham
TL - Thomas Liddiard
TM - Thomas Moore III
TN - Thomas Nash II
TN - Thomas Northcote
TN GB - Thomas Northcote & George Bourne
TP - Thomas Pepper I
TP AH - Thomas Pratt & Arthur Humphreys
TP EF - Thomas Purver & Edward Furnice
TR - Thomas Richards
TS - Thomas Shepherd
TS - Thomas Streetin
TT - Thomas Tookey
TT - Thomas Taylor
TW - Thomas Wallis I
TW - Thomas Wallis II
TW JH - Thomas Wallis & Jonathan Hayne
TW - Thomas Whipham
TW SW - Thomas & Samuel Wintle
WB - Wilkes Booth
WB - William Bateman I
WB - William Burch
WC - William Cattell
WC - William Champion
WC - William Chatterton
WC - William Chawner II
WE - William Eley I
WE - William Edwards?
WE - William Esterbrook?
WE WF - William Eley & William Fearn
WE WF WC - William Eley, William Fearn & William Chawner
WE - William Ellerby
WF - William Fearn
WF IF - William & John Fisher
WG - William Goslee
WH - William Harrison I
WK SK - William & Samuel Knight
WM - William Maddocks
WP - William Pinder
WP WW - William Playfair & William Wilson
WS - William Seaman
WS - William Sumner I
WS - William Stroud
WS RC - William Sumner & Richard Crossley
WT - William Turton
WT WW - William Turton & William Walbancke