Cast tongs are the first of the bow shaped sugar tongs. They came immediately after the scissors style sugar nips, (or tea-tongs). Dates for cast tongs will range from as early as 1765 through to as late as 1801. Most will be dated between 1770 and 1780. They were very quickly superseded by standard sugar tongs. They are usually very ornate and have pierced arms and are made in three parts, the shoulder or bow and the 2 arms. The process for making these tongs is quite complex as they will have been made from a mold, with the silver poured into the mold, the two arms would then be soldered to a pre-made bow.; Occasionally the arms will not be pierced, but will still have the ornate casting to them. Cast tongs, made in the Georgian style can also be found, dated in Victorian times, (1850 1900). It is difficult to tell the difference between these and genuine Georgian cast tongs. The hallmarks are often the only way to tell the difference.

Cast tongs are relatively rare. They are also very delicate. Few have survived to today without damage or a repair of some kind.

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Alexander Barnet - London

Benjamin Bickerton - London

Benjamin Mountigue - London

Charles Hougham - London

David Crawford - Newcastle

Edward Sawyer - Birmingham

Elizabeth Taylor - London

George Burrows I - London

George Burrows I - London

George Smith II - London

Hampston & Prince - York

Hester Bateman - 1 - London

Hester Bateman - 2 - London

John Bourne - London

John Beedall & John Bennett - London

John Bourne & Thomas Moore III - London

John Faux & George Love - London

John Gurney - London

James Plumpton - London

Joseph Savory I - London

Josiah Adams & sons - Birmingham

Philip Batchelor - London

Richard Jenkins - Exeter

Richard Mills - London

Stephen Adams I - London

Simeon Coley I - London

Samuel Godbehere & Edward Wigan - London

SM - Samuel Meriton II? - London

Thomas Burrough of Devizes

Thomas Eustace - Exeter

Thomas & William Chawner - London

Thomas Northcote. - London

Thomas Taylor - London

Thomas Wallis I - London

Thomas Whipham - London

William Chatterton - London

William Goslee - London

William Pinder - London

William & John Deane - London