Antique Georgian silver sugar tongs are a fascinating subject. As is the study of all antique silver. There is a lot of standardisation across makers and time periods. However, occasionally something a little bit different comes up. Sometimes this can be unusual marks on a pair of tongs, a different style or something that just seems inconsistent, (a maker's mark at the "wrong" Assay office). This section will feature some of these.

Its particular aim will be to encourage those of you who have specialist knowledge to share it with the rest of us. Maybe you've seen the mark elsewhere or maybe you've researched the area and know a bit more about it. Whatever the situation, if you have something that would be of interest about these unusual tongs, please share it & I will publish updates to the web-site - for all to see.

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BM - Benjamin Mountigue hallmarked on the outside NS&Co - Nathaniel Smith & Co. - Sheffield Flat, right angled, bright cut tongs
GE - George Elder A Banff maker, hallmarked in Edinburgh Alexander Gairdner - Edinburgh Strange maker's mark and town mark
GS - George Smith II 1793 dated when he was working with Thomas Hayter Solomon Hougham - London Very strange "insect" like marks
GS - George Smith II 1797 dated when he was working with Thomas Hayter Daniel Popkins? - Dublin Half cast tongs
Hester Bateman with duty draw-back mark a rare example of the duty draw back mark Chistopher & Thomas Wilkes Barker Miniature tongs
MK - Michael Keating A pair of Dublin tongs with two different maker's marks John Langlands & John Robertson of Newcastle Bateman tongs, dated 1794 - a year after Langlands' death.
PB WB - Peter & William Bateman a mis-struck hallmark Thomas Wallis I - cast tongs a pair of cast tongs with the arms set at right angles
RC - Robert Cattle The rare Lion Passant facing right - York Nathaniel Smith & Co. damaged tongs
SA - Stephen Adams II right angled arms Thomas Hayter hallmark punched incorrectly
SG EW - Samuel Godbehere & Edward Wigan Cast tongs, dated 1795 William Bateman - 1816 unusual scallop shaped bowls
HT TL - Henry Tudor & Thomas Leader Early Sheffield pressed tongs, dated 1781 Thomas Law - Sheffield 1793 Pierced bright cut tongs
Robert Cattle & James Barber Right facing Lion Passant & Date letter unknown maker tongs - bright cut on both sides of the arms
Francis Parsons & Stephen Crees embossed motif on sides of arms Thomas Tookey Hallmarked on the outside of the arms
Peter, Ann & William Bateman hallmark struck on top of maker's mark Samuel Wintle` Hallmark on the outside, maker's mark on the inside
Thomas Tookey? Pierced (but not cast) concave tongs Richard Ferris Date letter for 1809/10
Stephen Adams Bright cut tongs with arms at right angles Richard Jenkins embossed tongs
William Burch Bright cut tongs on both inside  and outside of the arms William Playfair& William Wilson ribbed pattern to the inside of the arms
Stephen Adams II Unusual shaped fiddle pattern Francis Parsons & Stephen Crees embossed tongs
Philip Batchelor Gilt tongs