Newcastle is one of the most well known of the provincial Assay Offices

Newcastle is an interesting Assay Office to specialise in and there are some collectors that do just that. Being so close to the Scottish border there is some cross-over between Newcastle and Edinburgh, (by the way, the drive between Newcastle and Edinburgh is a very pretty run - just 1. to 2 hours).

Some of the Newcastle makers also worked in Edinburgh, so if you look hard, you can occasionally find the same maker making items in both places and having them hallmarked. Newcastle is also interesting as it was dominated by just a few families as you can see from the list below. If you decide to specialise in Newcastle work, be aware that it is now becoming highly collectable and so can command higher prices.

Many Newcastle sugar tongs also have a distinctive style about them, often with poor quality engraving - this will become readily apparent with experience.
The Newcastle silver-smiths are listed below.

Margaret Gill's book "A Directory of Newcastle Goldsmiths" is essential reading if you decide to collect Newcastle sugar tongs.

AR - Ann Robertson

CR - Christian ker Reid

CR DR - C.K. Reid & son(s)

DC - David Crawford

DD IB - David Darling & James Bell

DL - Dorothy Langlands

GM - George Murray

IC - James Crawford

II - John Jobson

II IH - John Jobson & James Hetherington

IL - John Langlands II

IL IR - John Langlands I & John Robertson I

IM - John Mitchison

IR - John Robertson I

IR DD - John Robertson I & David Darling

IR IW - John Robertson & John Walton

RP - Robert Pinkney I

RS - Robert Scott II

RP RS - Robert Pinkney & Robert Scott

RW - Robert Wilson

TS - Thomas Sewell I

TW - Thomas Watson

WL - William Lister

WS IM - William Stalker & John Mitchison