This web-site is dedicated to silver sugar tongs. An important feature of the web-site is the ability to display new and rare items. With great thanks to a new contributor "RS", we are able to see some sugar tongs that are new and in some cases very rare.

This section will show a collection of 21 new pairs of sugar tongs. They can be seen by accessing them through the normal web-pages and classified under the correct Assay offices and makers.

The entire collection can also be seen from this page. Simply click on the picture below. Watch the collection build over the next few weeks into a delightful collection that includes some very special and rare items. They are listed below in alphabetical order of the first initial of the maker's name.

A big thank you to "RS" (who prefers to remain anonymous) on behalf of all visitors to the web-site.

AS               c1790-1795

CM                1827

GB                         1832

IL                  1800-1804

JB                          1854

JB GC WN    1828-1835

JB WN           1837-1839

JB WW          1814 - 1823

JC                 1828

P&C             1804-1807

PB AB                  1792

PB AB                  1796

RC                      c1780

RG               1784-1786

SB IB                  1811

TF                       1815

TL                       1797

TN               1786-1790

TS                       1861

WC                     c1775

WC            c1780-1784