This mark was entered as plate-workers on 13th September 1817. By 19th September 1818 Solomon Royes and John East Dix entered a mark on their own. Solomon Hougham was a fairly prolific maker of tongs. Solomon Royes was in fact Solomon Hougham's nephew as he was married to Solomon Hougham's sister, Sarah. It is noticeable that Solomon Hougham went into partnership only 11 months before he died, at the age of 71. It would therefore be reasonable to assume that he handed over his business to Solomon Royes & John East Dix just prior to his death. Both Solomon Royes and John East Dix had been apprenticed to Solomon Hougham. Solomon Royes entered his mark alone on 22nd February 1820, which means that the partnership with John East Dix only lasted less than 20 months after Solomon Hougham’s death. This mark is rare as the partnership of Hougham, Royes & Dix only lasted for 11 months. This pair of tongs is very ordinary and noticeably “clunky” as was becoming the style at this time.

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