George Smith II can often be confused with George Smith III but in fact they were two completely different people, unrelated as far as we know. George Smith III was apprenticed to Thomas Chawner, whereas George Smith II was apprenticed to John Eaton in 1753. On the same day he was transferred to Samuel Eaton John's uncle. George Smith II was made free on 14th January 1761. He registered his first mark as a small-worker on 21st November 1767. This very very shortly after Samual Eaton had died & left his estate to George. He registered several marks as a buckle-maker between 1775 and 1789. Thomas Hayter was one of his apprentices and they registered a mark together on 7th January 1792.

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George Smith II died on 1st May 1805. The two George Smiths can also be confused because they were both making sugar tongs at around the same time. George Smith II tongs date between 1767 and 1792.

George Smith III tongs date between 1774 and 1786.

Any tongs with the cameo duty mark are almost certainly George Smith II although it is just possible they could be George Smith III if dated between 29th May 1786 and 2nd November 1786, (at which time George Smith III went into partnership with William Fearn).

We have two pairs of unusual tongs to show, because both have "impossible" dates for George Smith II.

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I am indebted to Clive Taylor for the bigraphical information about George Smith II, fuller information can be found in the Silver Society Journal (Number 26 - 2010).

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