These sugar tongs are a complete enigma. On the face of it, they are by George Smith II, but, according to the dates they cannot be. So whose are they?

The tongs are very clearly hall-marked - London 1793/94. This means that they must be dated between 29th May 1793 and 28th May 1794. They are a lovely pair of tongs, with the Prince of Wales feathers engraved at the top of the arms, a clear date letter "s" and the maker's mark "GS" in an oval punch.

If we look at the various George Smiths:

 - George Smith I entered his first mark in 1732 and he is recorded as working up to 1751 - these tongs are over 40 years later so he is ruled out;

 - George Smith II entered his first mark some time before 1758 and entered a mark in partnership with Thomas Hayter on 7th January 1792, so on the face of it he was working with Thomas Hayter when these tongs were made;

 - George Smith IV did not enter his first mark until 1799, so he is ruled out.

In fact the only theory that seems to make sense is that the tongs were made by George Smith II, (George Smith III maker's mark is a script mark), and not hallmarked until 2 years later.

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