Q4 - 2010 New Tongs

Another pair of tongs bright cut on both sides of the arms - William Burch

New Makers

John Jobson & James Hetherington - Newcastle
Robert Gainsford - Sheffield
William Lister - Newcastle

Unusual Tongs

William Playfair & William Wilson, ribbed on the inside of the arms
Q3 - 2010 New Tongs

Cast tongs dated 1785 by Thomas Eustace of Exeter

New Makers

Possibly William Edwards of London (4 pairs of tongs)
William Eley of London


York section updated with reference to Michael Baggott's excellent reference book
Q2 - 2010 New Tongs

Cast tongs by Richard Jenkins of Exeter
Q1 - 2010 New Tongs

Richard Ferris - date letter "N" for 1809/10
A new pair of unusual embossed tongs by Francis Parsons & Stephen Crees
A new pair of Joseph Hicks tongs
9 new and unusual pairs of Hester Bateman tongs added

New Maker

Joseph Taylor of Birmingham

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