The Irish "JK" mark is difficult to be sure of. Jackson records John Keene as a freeman of the Dublin Goldsmith’s company between 1789 and 1807. He also shows the makers mark in a lozenge with cut in bottom dated at 1800, identifying that as John Kearns although John Kearns is not listed as a Freeman of the Dublin goldsmiths company. Douglas Bennett's excellent book "Collecting Irish silver" lists quite a few maker's marks of either "IK" or "JK". Douglas Bennett identifies the "JK" mark in the cut-in lozenge as that of James Keating. I am more inclined to opt for Douglas Bennett's attribution than Jackson's although as always one can never be certain of either attribution. I have shown all of the tongs here as attributed to James Keating, but as always one can never be sure.

There are three different makers marks shown. The first two being the same and the second and third being different. Notice that the second and third pairs of tongs are very similar and dated at around the same time, despite having very different makers marks.


If there is anyone with a more sensible view, please let me know.

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