WE is a difficult maker's mark to be sure about as there were several makers with those initials working at the same time. We know that William Eley sent work for assay marked "WE" up to January 1797 (when he entered a mark with William Fearn). After 1797 there were several makers with marks:

William Edwards - from 11th December 1800, until at least 1823
William Ellerby - from 15th June 1802, until at least 13th August 1810
William Eaton I, from 19th March 1781 to 1801 (buckle-maker)
William Eaton II, from 18th May 1813 to until at least 22nd February 1840
William Elliot, from 7th September 1813, probably until 1825 at least
William Esterbrook, from 4th November 1817, until at least 16th September 1834

I have grouped together the tongs below and attributed them to William Ellerby because of the date range and the fact the maker's marks are all the same and have a pellet between the letters.

As is often the case with these Georgian Silversmiths, we must caveat any ascriptions made. We simply cannot be sure.

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William Edwards
William Ellerby
William Eley

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