James Darquits junior registered a mark as a small-worker on 19th November 1787. He is also recorded by Heal, up to 1800. John Death registered his first mark on 11th July 1803 and another on 29th June 1808.

This mark "ID" could be either of these two makers, we simply don't know. We do know that Thomas Death (John Death's brother) was a flatware maker, but this does not necessarily mean that John also made flatware. I have chosen to ascribe these tongs to James Darquits junior because the first two pairs were  made before John Death registered his first mark, and the marks appear the same with all four pairs of tongs.

There are other potential makers around this time with the maker's mark of "ID" with a pellet between the letters.

John Dare - registered a mark on 9th February 1773 - believed to be a large-worker

John Deacon - (no pellet) registered a mark on 11th September 1776 but was reported as bankrupt in April 1775

John Dutton - registered a mark as a small-worker on 7th August 1776 but is believed to have specialised in leather-worked goods with silver mounts

Joseph Dodds - registered a mark as a plate-worker on 13th June 1789. Also recorded in partnership with John Troutbeck during 1790-96

Bearing in mind all of the above - my best quess for the attribution is James Darquits junior.

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