This page will give some links to other web-sites that may be of interest. 

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Link Description

Gary Bottomley's website dedicated to all and everything connected with antique silver spoons, associated flatware and canteens.

A web-site dedicated to silver tea-tongs, (or sugar nips), covering the 50+ years before this web-site, i.e. from about 1720 onwards.

"Association of Small Collectors of Antique Silver".  This is a web-site dedicated to antique silver collectors, as its name suggests.  It has some very interesting information on it about all aspects of small items of silver - not just sugar tongs.

The Birmingham Assay Office.

The Sheffield Assay Office.

The Goldsmith's company, (The London Assay Office).

The Antique Collector's Club

This is a private web-site showing "an illustrated selection of antique silver and objects of vertu
Continental, European, Italian, Russian, German, French, English, Austrian, Scottish, American, Dutch, Danish, Judaica, Georgian, Spanish and much more"

This a new web-site, covering C18th Century English Drinking Glasses and collectable Silver, with a particular interest in Early Spoons from C16th - C18th.  Their other specialities include vinaigrettes, snuff boxes, patch boxes, nutmeg graters, tea tongs and other fine collectible items.

Silfren and The Bedford Gallery:  "Here you will find the world's largest and constantly changing stock of good value antique silver online".

A cracking good site - with many, many maker's marks.

Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Maker's Marks - The most extensive internet resource for research of silver hallmarks & maker's marks. Thousands of images of American & World silver marks and hallmarks.


This web-site is a directory of lots of interesting aspects of collecting antiques, including information about auctions, books, fairs, web-sites - and more....

This is an antique dealer based in South Africa with a wide range of antique silver for sale.  They have a particularly good links page with links to most of the important antique silver web-sites.

If you are interested in collecting (anything - not just silver), this is a great site to visit  They have just launched their new Sterling Silver pages - worth a visit.

A Silver dealer, based in the heart of Scotland and very knowledgeable about Scottish silver, able to obtain items even if they are not in stock.

This is the official web-site of the Incorporation of the Edinburgh Goldsmiths.  It is full of information of both modern and historical interest.  You can obtain a User-Id and password which allows you to search their archives.

A Specialist Cabinet maker who makes cabinets and display cases for sugar tongs.

A Specialist silver restoration and conservation service.  Also an absolute mine of useful and interesting information about silver.