William Maddocks registered an incuse mark, undated, some time between 1733 and 1735. He then registered another mark as a small-worker on 16th February 1765. He appears in the parliamentary report list of 1773 as a watchcase-maker. The only other registered mark of the period of these tongs is that of William Moody, a large-worker, who registered a mark in August 1756. He too appears in the parliamentary report of 1773, as a small-worker. This means that purely from date alone, these tongs could be by either maker. From a close inspection of the mark itself, it definitely looks more like that of William Maddocks but as is so often the case, we cannot be certain. These tongs are cast, in 3 parts, with a shell bowl and are marked with the makers mark only. They are dated at c1780.

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