WB is one of the makerís marks for which it is impossible to be sure who the actual maker is. This particular pair of tongs was made in 1807/08 and is a pair of standard fiddle pattern tongs with a delightful family crest. The maker's mark has no pellet which narrows down the possibilities a little.

Wilkes Booth entered his first mark on 11th October 1787 as a snuffer-maker. He also entered a mark in partnership with John Booth, (presumably his son), on 28th June 1810 as a small-worker. This makes it quite possible that he would have made sugar tongs. The makerís mark on these tongs is quite different to the others shown elsewhere on the web-site. It is smaller, has no pellet and more clearly defined cut corners.

We cannot be certain of the attribution to Wilkes Booth, but it is a possibility.

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