Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor I registered his first mark in 1767 as a small-worker. This mark had a pellet. His second mark (without a pellet) was registered on 5th July 1771 and a third mark on 6th June 1772, this time with a pellet. He went on to register additional marks as a buckle-maker in in 1774 and 1775.

We show two pairs of tongs here, one showing the maker's mark with a pellet and one without. Although he was registered as a buckle-maker from 1774, this does not preclude him from making sugar tongs during this period. We therefore conclude that both of these pairs of tongs could have been made any time from 1767 up to and beyond 11th August 1775 when his last mark was recorded.

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c1770 - 1775

c1770 - 1775 Thomas Taylor