This is a delightful pair of cast tongs, made around 1770 - 1775. They are clearly marked with the maker's mark of "TT". The mark is very small and does not appear to have a pellet between the letters.
It is not certain who the maker is as there is more than one possibility:


Thomas Tombs registered a similar mark in 1738 as a small-worker but we know no more. It seems a little early.


Thomas Townraw registered two marks in 1738 and 1754. Again both his marks had pellets and it seems a little early

Thomas Taylor I registered his first mark in 1767 as a small-worker. This mark had a pellet. His second mark (without a pellet) was registered on 5th July 1771 and a third mark on 6th June 1772, this time with a pellet. He went on to register additional marks as a buckle-maker in in 1774 and 1775.

From this we deduce that if this is his mark (and it seems likely) then these tongs are likely to have been hallmarked some time between 5th July 1771 and 6th June 1772. This seems to be in keeping with the style of tongs.

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