This is a very interesting mark. Thomas Hannam is recorded as having been in partnership with Ebenezer Coker, a partnership that dissolved in 1760. Grimwade suggests that the mark TH over RM has some doubt over it as recorded in Jackson’s. Thomas Hannam is also recorded as being in partnership with John Crouch, making salvers and waiters. Their mark also appears on candle-sticks. The TH RM partnership is recorded as them being Goldsmiths. John Crouch and Thomas Hannam, (in that order), are recorded as plate-workers, which ties in with them making salvers and waiters.

Richard Mills is recorded as a large-worker and as a plate-worker by Heal. There are two pairs of cast sugar tongs by Richard Mills, whose marks entered alone are prior to the mark in partnership with Thomas Hannam. The cast sugar tongs are dated c1765. The sugar tongs with the TH RM mark are plain, with a thread edge and shell bowls, dated c1780. This is possible given the dates of the other marks. In fact these sugar tongs are very unusual. In appearance they have a shiny finish to them that makes them look almost like silver plate. The bowls are very distinctive and there is a monogram of a hawk on sitting on a crown.

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