Most of Napthali Hartís work was done in partnership with Duncan Urquhart. They entered their first mark together on 18th October 1791, with several others after that. Napthali Hart entered his first mark alone on 10th April 1812 as a plate-worker. His workshop is titled Hart & Harvey from 1817 to 1827 and in 1828 he was joined by his son, John. Napthali Hart silver sugar tongs are very plain, the standard style for that period.

We therefore know that work by him alone will be dated between 10th April 1812 and 1817.

It can be very difficult, if not impossible to detect the difference between makers marks belonging to Napthali Hart, Henry Nutting or Hannah Northcote. I have attempted to disentagle them a little, as follows:

Anything dated 1796/1797 will be Henry Nutting
Anything dated 1798 to 1811 will be Hannah Northcote or Henry Nutting
Anything dated after 1812 could be any of the three

Hannah Northcote died in 1831 and Napthali Hart died in 1858

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