The makers mark IS is one of those marks that we cannot definitely attribute. There are many maker's with the maker's mark of "IS". Joseph Steward II registered his first mark in 1755 and registered a number of other marks thereafter. He entered an incuse mark on 8th July 1775 as a small-worker. This pair of tongs is marked with his incuse mark. We know it is his as his was the only incuse mark "IS" around this time. We also know it cannot be "SI" as there were no maker's with an incuse mark of "SI" registered It is very rare to see an example of an incuse mark on sugar tongs and it is very helpful in determining the date of the tongs. We know they must be dated between 8th July 1775 and 4th April 1780, when he registered another "standard" mark.

The tongs are plain, with a lovely true engraved feather edge and acorn shaped bowls.

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