George Brasier entered his first mark as a small-worker on 4th March 1780. He entered other marks in 1785, 1787, 1788 and 1789. One noticeable fact about George Brasier is that he was working at about the same time as George Burrows I. This means that the two makerís marks can easily be confused. Many of the tongs and marks shown could in fact emanate from either one of these two makers.

We cannot therefore be certain about the attribution of any particular pair of tongs to one or other of the two makers. The maker's marks shown here are a little different to those of George Burrows and the general style of the tongs is also slightly different, hence the suggested attribution.

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c1780 - 1784  

c1784 - 1786  

c1786 - 1791  

c1786 - 1791  

c1786 - 1791