Edward Hatton entered his first mark as a Buckle-maker on 14th June 1784, followed by a second in July 1804. He is only recorded as a Buckle-maker. Other “EH” makers include:

bullet Edward Higgs – registered a mark on his own as a small-worker in 1782, with others as a buckle-maker until he entered a mark with James Higgs in 1793. They are recorded as silver button makers. As these tongs are dated 1796, at that time Edward Higgs mark will have been that of Edward & James Higgs.
bulletEdward Hunt II registered a mark in 1762. He was apprenticed in 1734, so will have been born c1720 or before. It is therefore very unlikely he was still working in 1796.

From this it is therefore appropriate to assume the tongs were made by Edward Hatton although we cannot of course be sure. They are fairly standard style with a double thread edge, dated 1796/97.

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