Of all the antique Georgian silver sugar tongs on this web-site, this is the first with a maker's mark that starts with the initial of the surname - very unusual. These tongs are also unusual in that they are the only pair of sugar tongs I have seen by this maker. They are also very early.

William and John Deane are believed to be brothers. They entered their first mark together in 1759, followed by others, until John Deane entered a mark on his own in 1768. They are therefore almost certainly dated some time between 1759 and 1768. The tongs are a nice example of cast sugar tongs of the period. They have some repairs but these are generally well made and quite difficult to detect.
These cast sugar tongs have also had some initials scratched on the inside of the bow.
The final interesting aspect of these tongs is the monogram, I simply love it. The "J" is back to front, which to me reflects a little about society in those days. Presumably the engraver was at least partly illiterate and did not spot his mistake until it was too late. Presumably also, the customer was not too bothered - perhaps they too were a bit illiterate and also didn't notice!

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