This information has been updated with many thanks to Miles Harrison, who has recently published a new book "Exeter and West Country silver 1700-1900".  This is an extremely comprehensive book and can be bought directly from Miles - simply click HERE

William Hope is first mentioned in the Assay Register in 1816 and last mentioned in 1833. He is recorded as residing in Plymouth where he also kept a public house.  on 20th April 1833 he was convicted of forgery and sentenced to 7 years transportation as a result.  He was apparently transported to NSW, Australia in 1835 on the ‘Mary Anne’ after having spent a year in prison awaiting departure. Curiously it is reported that he was back at his pub in 1841, which seems unlikely, just 6 years after he was transported.

Tongs by William Hope are very rarely seen and pictures are by kind permission of Robert Gutsell, who runs the highly informative Provincial silver web-site.

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