This information has been updated with many thanks to Miles Harrison, who has recently published a new book "Exeter and West Country silver 1700-1900".  This is an extremely comprehensive book and can be bought directly from Miles - simply click HERE

Richard Ferris is listed in the Freemanís lists of 1784. He had been Thomas Eustace's apprentice.  Richard Ferris was George Ferris I's brother.  He died in 1812, leaving his tools to his brother. In fact Richard Ferris made more sugar tongs than any of the other Exeter makers. Most of Richard Ferrisís tongs are a flared bright cut style, although I have seen just one flared plain pair of tongs and a few straight bright cut tongs. The engraving on his tongs is of a good quality and equally as good as most London makers. This range of Richard Ferris tongs gives a good picture of the changes to the Exeter hallmarks, helping to date items a little better.

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