This page will list the Dublin makers. The records of the Dublin Assay Office are renowned for being particularly well kept. Jackson's records a full list of the Dublin records, including lists of the Wardens, masters, apprentices, quarter brothers and journeymen. It is not always easy to identify particular makers because the maker's marks are not all recorded. Jackson also records a good set of images of the Dublin hallmarks, (pages 741 to 753). This is an excellent reference for dating Dublin made sugar tongs. Click on the link to see details of a particular Dublin maker.

AK - Arthur Keen?

AN - Ambrose Nicklin?

BT - Benjamin Tait

CM - Charles Marsh

DP - Daniel Popkins?

GN - George Nangle

IB/JB - John Bolland

ID - John Dalrymple

IS - James Scott

IT - unknown

JK - John Kearns

JK - James Keating/John Keene

JP - John Power?

JP - John Pittar

JS - James Salter?

MK - Michael Keating

OC - Owen Cassidy

SN - Samuel Neville

TW - Thomas Williamson

WL - William Law