I have listed here what I consider to be the main reference books that will give a reader information vital to the collecting of Georgian Silver Sugar Tongs. I have by no means listed every single book, and I have not attempted to list them in any particular order of preference. I aplogise in advance to the authors of those that I have missed off the list.

Sir Charles Jackson - Jackson’s Silver & Gold marks of England, Scotland & Ireland, published by Antique Collector’s Club Ltd. This is the main reference book for hallmarks. It contains details of all known UK hallmarks and a fair amount of detail about the Assay Offices, the development of the marks over time and a large number of maker's marks. Jackson's is not perfect, but is the most complete and thorough publication available.


Judith Banister - English Silver hallmarks, published by W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd. This is a small, pocket sized soft-back book and very useful as a "quick-guide" if visiting antiques fairs or shops.


Frederick Bradbury - Bradbury’s book of hallmarks, published by Sheffield Assay office. Again this is a useful, small soft-back reference. It covers the period between 1743 and 1860 and does have a few of the "Old Sheffield Plate" marks in it as well as the main hall-marks for UK silver.


Arthur G Grimwade - London Goldsmiths 1697 – 1837, their marks and lives – third edition, published by Faber & Faber: This book is the Bible of information about Silver-smiths over this 140 year time-span. It is a must for serious collectors, containing pictures of maker's marks (mainly London) and biographical detail about them. It is not 100% perfect, but each later edition is better than the previous one, with errors and omissions corrected


Maurice H. Ridgway and Philip T Priestley - The compendium of Chester Gold and Silver marks 1570 – 1962, from the Chester Assay office registers, published by Antique Collector’s Club Ltd. This is another large, thick book and contains an enormous range of maker's marks. One of the key values of this book is that the date range is so wide, with marks right up to 1962.


Margaret AV Gill - A Directory of Newcastle Goldsmiths. This is a superb reference book about Newcastle silver-smiths, with there being nothing else to compare with it. The book has an enormous amount of detail about the silver-smiths and the work they had assayed. It was published in 1976 and is quite difficult to obtain.


Richard W Turner - A directory of Scottish Provincial Silversmiths & their marks, published by William Sessions Ltd, York. This is a recent publication and is an absolute must if you are considering collecting Scottish Provincial silver.


The Sheffield Assay Office Register. This reference book lists every Sheffield maker's mark from when the Assay Office opened on 11th September 1773 to December 2nd 1907. It was first published by the Sheffield Assay Office in February 1907 by Bernard Watson who was Assay master at the time. A second edition was published by Jacqueline Richardson, Librarian in January 1989. The book is essential for identifying Sheffield makers.


Richard H Mayne - Old Channel Islands Silver. This was printed and first published in Jersey in 1969. There are many fine photographs of Channell Island silver, along with information about the silversmiths of the time. Pictures of the makers marks are very clear, and taken from actual pieces of silver.


Miles Harrison - Exeter & West Country Silver - 1700 - 1900. This was published in 2014 by Berforts Group. Miles has carried out an amazing amount of research to identify the West Country makers and their marks. Theier is a very full index of photoghraphs of actual marks and the hallmarks. This book is another absolute must.


Michael Baggott - An illustrated guide to York Hallmarks 1776-1858 & a transcript and index of the York Assay Office ledger 1805-1821. This was published by Michael in 2010. Michael is probably the recognised expert on York silver. This if course is among his other vast knowledge of antiques. This book is about as complete a reference book on York silver as you could ever expect. It is full of photographs of silver, hallmarks and makers marks. This is another essential reference book.


Douglas Bennett - Collecting Irish Silver 1637-1900. This was published by Souvenire Press in 1984 and is now out of print and very difficult to obtain. It has a great deal of fascinating information about collecting Irish silver and a complete index of Irish hallmarks and makers marks.


Ian Pickford - Silver Flatware English, Irish and Scottish 1660-1980. Published for the Antique Collector's club, 1983. This is the "Go to" reference book for identifying the various patterns of flatware and their development over time

Many other publications about silver are available, and this list is by no means exhaustive.




Timothy Kent

West Country silver spoons and their makers 1550 - 1750

J.H. Bourdon-Smith Ltd, 1992

Exeter Museum

Exeter and West Country Silver

Exeter city Council

Ian Pickford

Silver Flatware, English, Irish and Scottish 1660 – 1980

Antique Collector’s Club Ltd.

Ian Pickford

Antique Silver

Antique Collector’s Club Ltd.

Robin Butler

The Albert Collection, five hundred years of British and European Silver

Broadway Publishing

Jill Bace

Millers, Collecting Silver, the facts at your fingertips


J.S. Forbes

Hallmark, A history of the London Assay office

The Goldsmith’s company

John Norie

Caddy Spoons, An illustrated supplement

John Norrie

Joel Langford

Silver, A practical guide to collecting silverware and identifying hallmarks

Selectabook Ltd

John P Fallon

The marks of the London Goldsmiths and Silversmiths.

Arco publishing company inc – New York

Maurice H. Ridgway

Some Chester Goldsmiths and their marks

Lowe & sons

Maurice H. Ridgway

Chester Silver 1727 – 1837

Phillimore & Co Ltd

Judith Banister

Old English Silver

Evans brothers Ltd


International hallmarks on silver

Collectors publications 2000

Colin Ticktum

The Ticktum collection

The Ticktum charitable trust

Bernard & Therle Hughes

1500 – 1820, Three centuries of English domestic silver

Lutterworth press – London

Margaret Holland

Old Country silver

David & Charles, (Newton Abbot)

Gerald Taylor


Pelican books

Jessie McNab Dennis

English silver

Studio Vista Ltd

Ambrose Heal

The London Goldsmiths 1200 – 1800, A record of the names and addresses of the craftsmen, their shop-signs and trade-cards

David & Charles, (Newton Abbot)

Christopher A Markham

Chaffers’ handbook to hallmarks on gold and silver plate

Reeves and Turner

James Gilchrist

Anglican church plate

The Connoisseur

Charles Oman

English Silversmiths’ work civil and domestic

Her majesty’s stationery office

Rachael Field

Collector’s guide to buying antique silver

Little, Brown & company

Dr. David Shlosberg

Eighteenth century tea tongs

Dr. David Shlosberg

Molly Pearce

Sheffield silver 1773 – 1973

Sheffield city museums

Eric Turner

English silver from 1660

Her majesty’s stationery office

Richard Came


Octopus books

Jan Divis

Silver marks of the world


Touching gold and silver, 500 years of hallmarks – a catalogue of an exhibition at Goldsmith’s hall

The Goldsmith’s company

David S Shure

Hester Bateman – Queen of English Silversmiths

Doubleday & company inc.

Sheffield Assay office

The Sheffield Assay office register

John R McGrew

Manufacturer’s marks on American coin silver

Argyros publications

Philippa Glanville & Jennifer Faulds Goldsborough

Women Silversmiths 1685 – 1845

Thames & Hudson

Paul de Lamerie, an exhibition of the work of England’s master silversmith (1688 – 1751)

The Goldsmith’s company

James Fairbairn

Fairbairn’s Crests of the families of Great Britain and Ireland

New Orchard Editions Ltd