What are readers saying about the new book?

(all of these comments are genuine comments from readers who have taken the trouble to send in a comment)

"Thank you very much for your excellent book on Georgian Silver Sugar Tongs which was very well packed and arrived today. I have found it very informative and much more comprehensive than I could have expected. It is a credit to you and I am considering buying another copy since this copy will be much referred to and will therefore soon become well thumbed"

"Excellent Book"

"Book looks great"

"most interesting and informative book"

"an excellent book"

"great book, super quality, it is always on my desk"

"a fine book - a great deal of interesting information and well presented"

"Great book"

"What an excellent book - I'm very impressed with it"

"For us in the trade and collectors alike there has long been an urgent need for a definitive reference book of this kind and this is just the book we have all been hoping for"

"Many thanks for your excellent book"

"A "super" book"

"I am impressed with your series of photos of the marks on tongs"

"The book is a delight"

"congrats on your book, it is very informative, easy to follow and you have managed to make it interesting"

"My compliments on your book - excellent and very useful"

"If you haven't already got this book then get it. It's invaluable if you collect tongs. See the many styles by different makers etc."

"Extremely informative and enjoyable"

"I suspect that it is going to become a much relied upon and highly regarded reference book amongst the silver collectors/dealers"

"I received your book and it is really a great book on sugar tongs!!! "

"I am enjoying the book greatly and am promoting it to anyone who'll listen !"

"We strongly recommend this book"

"I just wanted to say what a lovely and informative book you have produced."

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