Samuel Pemberton was a jeweller and toymaker from Snow Hill, Birmingham. He registered several silver marks at Birmingham Assay Office between 1773 and 1801. His son Samuel Pemberton (1738-1803) was a Guardian of the Assay Office in 1793. Other Pembertons participated in the silver trade including another Samuel Pemberton and Thomas Pemberton. They were in partnership with Roger Mitchell from c.1812 to 1821. Thomas Pemberton was a Guardian of the Assay Office from 1824 until 1830. There were in fact four Samuel Pembertons in the silver trade so one can never be certain which it is on a particular piece. Work by Samuel Pemberton is very popular as he is one of the “famous 5” Birmingham silver box makers. The others of the famous five were:

Nathaniel Mills
Matthew Linwood
Joseph Willmore
Joseph Taylor
Nathaniel Mills is perhaps the most well known.

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